Friday, 6 May 2016

Blantant Disregard of Constitution, Misuse Of Powers, Corruption, Nepotism, etc....Modus Operandi of the Sfate BN.

The Sarawak voters especially those older ones knew very well that the State Government since the late Tun Rahman's times as Chief Minister down to his nephew and now passed down to Adenan have been committing crimes against the people of Sarawak! Unfortunately, the younger generation of voters don't have such experiences as they do not know the real HISTORY how the nation, Malaysia is formed.

The Malaysian Commission on Anti- Corruption cannot do much to eradicate the dirty tactics since the 'decisions' to take up the cases to the Courts controlled by non other than the Attorney General. And he can give all sorts of reasons why the cases should not be brought to Courts as he is protected by the Constitution! Unless and until a proper Parlimentary Anti-Corruptions Committee is formed with the officers from both sides of the bench, then and only then we can see the Nation is protected properly.

As an example, let's ask ourselves what Abg Jo had been doing to protect the rights of the Bumiputeras especially the Malays in Kuching??? The ground site where the proposed "HIKMAH EXCHANGE" was formerly known as "Medan P.Ramlee" which was fondly known as "Taman Bina Mara". This very piece of land was GAZETTED TWICE to pave the way for building multi-storey Bumiputeras' Commercial Centre. Yet, both of the Gazettes were revocked and the land is given to Norlia bt Tun Abd Rahman, a cousin of Adenan's predecessor. This clearly showed the State Government  is not respecting the Bumiputeras' rights! Abg Jo just kept quiet! He is not the right man to represent SATOK. VOTE HIM OUT this time around. Don't forget he is too useless!!! NORLIA is behind the HIKMAH EXCHANGE PROJECT which very few people knew. She is afraid to do it on her own. So "HIKMAH" is her tool!!! Mark my word, once the project is completed later on, she surely will hold a majority share. Similarly, can Abg Jo openly explain who own the "WISMA SEBERKAS" now??? Remember, both Abg Jo and Adenan are veterans in 'hoodwringkings' in politics.

Another case example, Fazzrudin Abd Rahman is only warming the State seat of Tupong for Fadillah who will replace Adenan as Chief Minister. Thus all of the YBs in PBB are tools of the "ROBOTS' MASTER" !!! If you want to save Sarawak's ASSETS from falling into the dirty wrong hands, DON'T VOTE FOR FAZZRUDIN!!! He is still an infant in political arenas with a pre-school qualifications in politics and would be an easy prey for people like Adenan and Fadillah.


Thursday, 5 May 2016


Adenan was placed as "Chief Minister" by his predecessor and the way it was done was entirely outside the normal Democratic norm. Yet, all the YBs including those from the Oppositions just kept quiet! Thus, the door is wide opened for the well kept SECRET PLAN to be implemented! Adenan started the ball rolling by paying medical bills for the late YB, WONG HO LENG. What for? Political mileage of course. Then Adenan announced the Chinese Private Schools Examination System be recognized by State Government even though the Federal Government is not doing so. Adenan asked a lot of things from the Federal Government which PM Najib willingly obliged. Why? Fishy isn't it? 

The plan is simple yet effective and a lot if not almost all YBs from both sides of the bench do not know. Adenan is asking for another five year term so that the plan could goes into actions without any hitch. What is the PLAN then? "Adenan is entrusted by his predecessor to make sure that their worldly interests will not be jeapordized by any quarter. In other words, his dynasties will RULE Sarawak forever". After the State Election, there will be at least one '"BY ELECTION" to be held at an appropriate time (not up to 3 years after the State Election) to accommodate for Adenan's successor to be the State YB and of course will replace Adenan as the Chief Minister. If you are versed with the Election Laws, then you will know why the under three years figure is VITAL!!! 

On the part of Adenan's successor, Najib will surely give the green light as the successor's brother is closed associate of Najib and Rosmah (now like family) and is now the main contractor for Pan Borneo Highway Project (the Seccessor is the current Minister of Works). Thus, nothing is impossible in politics. That is why Najib delivered all the necessary projects to help with the State Election. Clearly, both Adenan and Najib respectively employing their Executive Powers to ensure a BN win. Once the election is over, there will be "Barter Tradings" between Adenan and Najib. Just wait and see. The saddest parts would be if this plan is running smoothly, that Adenan deputies/assistants who aspire to replace Adenan as Chief Minister will only be able to suck their fingers and Sarawak assets will be exhausted unnecessarily. Wake up voters! Now you already know what in store for us in the secret plan. Save Sarawak and reject "Barter Tradings" ploy.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


The words, "Oohaa" if said repeatedly (Oohaa..Oohaa..) espescially jokingly, would tantamount to MOCKERY to the Dayak Communities especially the Ibans! Yet, those were the opening words Adenan used to utter whenever he made public appearances either rural or urban areas. Adenan knew very well that Ibans in particular recite those words when they perform their "Customery rites", Incredibly, the Dayak leaders who went along with him during the visits, ALSO laughed along with the crowds! Please Dayak leaders, don't let anybody not even Adenan make MOCKERY of "the Adat"! Remember, it is a TABOO in the Adat (Custom). Customary Rights of the Bumiputras (Natives) are protected under the "State Constitution"!

Obviously, the State BN leaders are not respecting "The Constitution"! Similarly, by giving titles to Native Customary Rights Land served no purpose but only to determine: "the areas/sizes" of that particular Kampung (Village) A, Kampung B and etc, etc. Where are the "Commercial Values" of these lands??? Unlike their non-Bumiputra Counterparts who enjoyed their lands known as "Mixed Zone" lands, the Bumi's are thus far left behind economically!!!

By highlighting that the state BN is putting up almost every ethnic group representatives as candidates is only a ploy to again WIN the Election! Because "these so-called representatives" ONLY DEPEND THE STATE BN RIGHTS NOT THE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE THEY SUPPOSED TO PROTECT!!! We have seen this nonsenses during so many elections in the past! When Adenan was the Minister for Lands in Sarawak before, he did not DARE TO UPGRADE Bumiputra Lands be it in NCR or Native Categories! The Bumiputras formed the "majority" of YBs (Legislators) in the Legislature (DUN). YET AGAIN, they don't have the "balls" to upgrade NCR lands to "Native Titles" ands Native Title lands to "mixed zone lands". Instead, some YBs are having tens of acres/hectares of lands themselves. (Still talking of "Anti Corruptions"?)

Monday, 2 May 2016


Being both Social and Political Activist well before the Formation of Malaysia, I can't help but amused by the "Billboards" erected strategically throughout the City of Kuching informing the public especially the voters what Adenan had achieved proudly during his terms as Chief Minister of Sarawak. In other words, the "Billboards" served as Adenan's Report Card.

The biggest Agenda on the List would undoubtfully be "More Autonomies for Sarawak". In additions, "Anti Loggings" and "Anti Corruptions" were also stated. To start the ball rolling, I would like to touch on these three (3) Agendas for the time being.

Firstly, "More Autonomies for Sarawak":

Adenan knew very well that under the 'Malaysian Agreement' there were twenty (20) points that Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and The Federation of Malaya agreed to. It is also clearly spelt out that all these points can be reviewed after ten (10) years of Independence! Why both Adenan's Mentor and Predecessor didn't take up these initiatives during their terms as Chief Ministers? Reason known to themselves! (Or, were they very busy in enriching themselves then?).

By surfacing the Agenda for more Autonomies for Sarawak now, Adenan thus, portrayed himself as 'The Hero'. Since The Malaysian Agreement can be reviewed, the best place to do it is in The Legislature (Dewan Undangan Negeri) in order to get the approval of the majority of the Legislators (YBs). The Agreement didn't mention that only the Chief Minister can do it. So, is Adenan A Hero now?

Secondly, "Anti Loggings":
The people of Sarawak are yet to know who owned the "timbers" that were confiscated by the relevant State Enforcement Agencies as there were no one or Company being sued on these matters. It is a standard procedure that each and every log must carry "a hammered mark identification" which the relevant Enforcement Agencies could verify as from which area the particular log is extracted. Yet nobody was arrested! Incredible! The only message I could deduce from those incidents is that Adenan's message to the timber tycoons, "Beware of Adenan, Not The Laws" which is similar to the Jokers Notice of "Beware of the Owner, Not the Dogs". Very humorous!

And thirdly, "Anti Corruptions":
Sarawakians are also yet to see who were those corrupted culprits be they are Ministers, Assistant Ministers, YBs, State Heads of Departments or State Senior Officers being brought to court on corruption charges? Those charged were only smallfries! What happen to the "Baracudas"? Is Adenan also now playing the game "You scratch my back and I scratch yours"? Sarawakians are still baffled by a number of YBs and other "Big Shots" who live lavishly beyond their means. Yet, they're not being investigated. It is also incredible if Adenan doesn't know any of them?

Friday, 1 April 2016

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Kenak Sarawak jadi kedak tok?

Setelah 53 tahun berada dalam Persekutuan Malaysia, keadaan sosio-ekonomi Sarawak sik banyak berubah dengan segala kekayaan dibolot oleh segelintir golongan elitis mega kaya dan kroni pimpinan Umno-PBB = Barisan Nasional (BN).

59 tahun Malaya merdeka dan 53 tahun selepas penubuhan Malaysia keadaan kehidupan rakyat Sarawak sik banyak memperlihatkan perubahan ketara.

Kenak jadi kedak tok?

Walaupun negeri Sarawak adalah sebahagian daripada Malaysia namun ia merupakan negeri yang paling miskin dengan sosio ekonominya yang paling rendah. 

Hasil kajian Program Pembangunan Bangsa-bangsa Bersatu (UNDP) menunjukkan kemiskinan yang paling serius di Malaysia adalah di kalangan komuniti pribumi di Sabah dan Sarawak. Sarawak adalah sebuah negeri yang mempunyai banyak hasil bumi seperti minyak, gas, balak dan sebagainya dan berpotensi besar menjadi negeri yang paling maju di Malaysia namun keadaan rakyatnya sungguh menyedihkan. 

Mengikut statistik, Sarawak masih terdapat banyak kampung yang belum dihubungkan dengan jalan raya dan lebih daripada satu perempat isi rumah tidak ada akses kepada elektrik dan lebih 30 peratus isi rumah di Sarawak masih tiada kemudahan air bersih dan air yang dirawat. Terkini menurut perangkaan pula, seramai 25,254 penduduk di Sarawak masih tidak memiliki dokumen pengenalan diri yang membabitkan rakyat tempatan dan warga asing yang telah lama menetap di Sarawak. 

Kenak jadi kedak tok?

Sumber dan harta negara dikuasai dan dinikmati oleh segelintir sahaja manakala majoriti rakyat merana. Penganiayaan terhadap rakyat Sarawak semakin hari semakin teruk dan hak asasi mereka dicabuli sehinggakan satu pelan berterusan untuk mengagihkan tangki air 1Malaysia terpaksa diteruskan walau sudah mencapai abad ke 20. 

Malaysia ditubuhkan pada 16 September 1963. Semasa penubuhan, kerajaan Malaya telah memberi banyak janji manis kepada Sarawak. Tetapi selepas itu, mimpi indah bertukar menjadi mimpi ngeri.

Kenak jadi kedak tok bah???

Negeri kita Sarawak jadi kedak tok kerana sikap kita yang takut untuk melakukan perubahan kerajaan. Oleh itu pemimpin negara dan negeri rasa hebat dan tidak tergugat maka mereka mengambil sikap sambil lewa dalam menangani masalah ekonomi rakyat, masalah tiada pekerjaan, masalah kemudahan asas seperti api air hospital sekolah dan lain-lain. Duit lembaga tabung amanah masjid kenak curi pun kita boleh main tanggar ajak. Apa nak jadi dengan bangsa kita tok. 

Negara lain di dunia seperti Australia, Jepun, Great Britain seringkali bertukar kerajaan tetapi negara mereka tetap maju. Jadi apa yang kita takutkan sangat nak tukar kerajaan? Lebih-lebih lagi kerajaan yang diselubungi skandal kewangan macam sekarang tok. Tukar ajak lah....kita cuba kerajaan baru seperti Australia, Jepun, Thailand, UK dan kebanyakkan negara maju lain. 

Enough is Enough

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Thursday, 17 September 2015


Angkatan Muda Keadilan (AMK) Sarawak membidas keras tindakan penganjur dan peserta demonstrasi ‘Baju Merah’ yang berlangsung dengan penuh sentimen perkauman dan kebencian semalam.

Walaupun kita meraikan hak berhimpun dan hak bersuara seperti yang termaktub dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan, namun tindakan pihak baju merah tersebut yang hanya bersandarkan kepada isu-isu perkauman wajar dikritik keras kerana ianya mencemarkan hak-hak kemanusiaan tersebut. Sepanjang demonstrasi tersebut dapat diperhatikan pelbagai unsur-unsur perkauman dimainkan dari awal himpunan tersebut. Pelbagai sepanduk dan slogan perkauman dilaungkan. Bangsa Cina juga dijadikan sebagai sasaran utama dengan pelbagai kata-kata hinaan yang boleh menyebabkan perbalahan antara kaum sekiranya tidak dikawal.

Kehadiran ramai pemimpin-pemimpin UMNO Barisan Nasional juga jelas menunjukkan sokongan mereka terhadap sentimen perkauman. Ini menunjukkan Slogan 1 Malaysia yang dilaungkan Perdana Menteri Najib Razak hanyalah omongan kosong dan tidak disusuli dengan sebarang tindakan yang mencerminkan semangat persaudaraan antara kaum!

AMK Sarawak seterusnya mengajak pendokong ‘baju merah’ untuk melihat Sarawak yang mempunyai 28 etnik besar dan hidup secara harmoni sebagai contoh dan rujukan bagi mengetahui maksud sebenar keharmonian. AMK Sarawak berharap agar ianya dapat melahirkan Malaysia yang lebih harmoni dan bebas daripada perkauman! Dengan keadaan ekonomi yang semakin parah sekarang, kita sewajarnya fokus untuk memantapkan ekonomi dan bukannya undur ke belakang dan terperangkap dengan isu perkauman.

AMK Sarawak juga berharap mereka yang hadir semalam agar bermuhasabah diri. Janganlah kita sempitkan pemikiran kita kepada perkauman atas nama pertahankan hak Melayu Islam tetapi dalam masa yang sama menghina bangsa dan agama lain. Melayu yang terbaik adalah Melayu yang Islamis dan bukannya rasis dan Islam tidak pernah mengajar umatnya untuk menjadi rasis!

Sejajar dengan semangat Hari Malaysia, kita sewajarnya mengukuhkan persaudaraan antara kaum dan memajukan Malaysia ke hadapan!

Malaysia adalah milik semua rakyat Malaysia.

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